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FILIZ CICEK, Ph.D. MFA                                                          


2004-12         Ph.D.  Major: Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. 

                       Minor: Gender Studies                                                            Minor: Art History                                        
                       Doctoral Dissertation:
​                       "From Margins to Center Through the Film Lens: Gender and German-Turkish Cinema."

1998-04         MA, Major: Ottoman & Modern Turkish Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington.                   
2016               TEFL, Peace Corps, Los Angeles and Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. 

2011               Online Teaching Certification, Ivy Tech Community College, Bloomington.

​2000          ​     ESLC, English as a Second Language, Monroe County Public Library, VITAL Services, Bloomington.
1993-96         MFA, Major: Sculpture, Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts, Indiana University, Bloomington.                                 

1995               Overseas Arts Studies, Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts Summer Program in Florence, Italy.

1988-91         Museum Restoration Training, Hagia Sophia, Istanbula, Kariye and Antalya and Side Archeology Museums, Turkey.

1987-91         BFA, Major: Sculpture, Marmara University School of Fine Arts, Istanbul, Turkey.  
​1983-87         RN,  Cebeci Ankara Nursing School, Turkish Health Ministry, Ankara Turkey.   


2015-19          Art Specialist: Serving as an approved expert for Art, Art History, Curator and a Museum expert for Fulbright                                      Specialist Project.
2003-04          Director, Script Writer, Co-Producer: Dear Murat, A Film Project funded by Fulbright-Hays Abroad Project Grant.

Peace Corps   
2016                RPCV, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia.
​Teaching: Film

2007-08         Faculty: Gender and Transnational Cinema, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN.

2008               Instructor: Through the Film Lens: Gender and German-Turkish Cinema, Collins Living Learning Center, Indiana                                 University, Bloomington.
2006               Instructor: Gender and Turkish Cinema, Collins Living Learning Center Indiana University, Bloomington.

​Teaching: Art
2011-21         Lecturer: Art Appreciation, Indiana University Purdue University Columbus, IN.
2011-17         Adjunct Faculty: Art Survey & Culture I-II, and
Women in Art, Ivy Tech Community College Ivy Tech Community                                   College, Bloomington.
1994-96         Associate Instructor, Introduction to Studio Arts for Fine Arts Majors,  Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts,

                       Indiana University. 

Teaching: Language
2016              TEFL Instructor, Sukabumi City, Indonesia, United States Peace Corps, Indonesia.
2013-15        Instructor & Language Coordinator, English as a Second Language, teaching English to all levels and supervising                                  language teachers, British English Language School, Istanbul, Turkey.
2010-11        Instructor, Elementary Turkish Online Conversation Lessons, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.
1998-00        Associate Instructor, Introduction to Turkish, Indiana University, Near Eastern Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington.
2000-03        Associate Instructor, Introduction to Turkish, Indiana University, Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University,                                      Bloomington.
2000-03        Associate Instructor, English as a Second Language for adult immigrants, Monroe County Public Library Volunteers in                          Teaching Adult Learners (VITAL) Services, Bloomington.

2021               "Engendering Orientalism: Fatih Akin's Head-On and The Edge of Heaven" in, Handbook of Research on                                                Contemporary  Approaches to Orientalism in Media and Beyond, IGI Global. 
2021                Consultant, ​The Stolen Narrative of the Bulgarian Jews and the Holocaust by Jacky Comforty, Lexington Books, 2021

2007               “Reverse Glocalization? Marketing a Turkish Cola in the Shadow of a Giant,” in, Journal of Arab and Muslim Media                                Research, Volume 1: No1 (c).
2006               “Lola and Bilidikid,” Film Review, Scope: Online Journal of Film and TV Studies, Institute of Film and TV Studies,                                    University of Nottingham, Portals Special Issue,  February 11.
2005                      "Gender Representation in Turkish Melodramas," Conference Papers, International Communication Association; 2005                          Annual Meeting, New York, NY, p1-19, 19p, 11 Color Photographs.

2005               “Thoughts on Secularism,” Women’s Affairs Office Newsletter, Indiana  University.
2005               “Letters to Sarah: Analysis of E-Mail Responses to an Online Editorial,” New Media and Society, Volume 7:No. 4.
2003               “Providing Digital Language Support”, in Emerging Technologies in Teaching Languages and Cultures, ed. by                                        Yoshiko Saito-Abbott, Richard Donovan, Thomas F. Abbott, vol. 2&3, Larc Press, San Diego State University.
2001               “Pamuk's Silent Women/Pamuk’un Sessiz Kadınları,” a critical review of Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk’s female                                        characters, published by Turkish bi-monthly literary magazine Mizan, Istanbul.
2000               “From Non-existence: Feminist Art from Past to Present/Hiçlikten Varlıga “Feminist Art/Kadın Sanatı,” an interview                              with feminist artist Judy Chicago published in Cumhuriyet Sanat Eki, May 28, 2000.

2010-13         Artist-director: Eve & Eve, 2nd segment of the Eve Trilogy.  Combination of Digital art/film, Photography and                                       performance art subverts the Biblical tale of  Adam and Eve story  by re-telling them from a feminist perspective in                             Apple & Eve, Eve & Eve, and Lilith & Eve segments.
2003-04         Director, Script Writer, Co-Producer: Sevgili Murat/Dear Murat, The Turkish Film Project funded by Fulbright-Hays                               Abroad Project Grant.


2021              Fulbright 75th Year Anniversary Alumni Art Show, digital. 

The Feminist Art Project

2011-21        Regional Coordinator for Indiana & Istanbul, Institute for Women & Art at Rutgers University, New Jersey.

The Kinsey Institute

2015              Artist, Inscribing Tradition, Feminist Art Project, three pieces, Permanent Collection, Indiana University.

Women Exposed Art Exhibit

2006-13       Organizer, Artistic Director, Curator, Artist, Graphic Designer, The Middle Way House, Bloomington.

BloomingtonKatmandu Art Exhibit
2010-13       Organizer, Artistic Director, Curator, Artist, Graphic Designer, Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center,                                         Bloomington.

Trashion ReFashion
2010-2012    Co-Organizer, Board member, designer, Center for Sustainable Living, Bloomington.

2010-2012    Co-organizer, board member, designer, Center for Sustainable Living, Bloomington.

Museum of Broken Relationships
2010              Regional Organizer, Co-curator, Artist, Graphic Designer, Indiana University Grunwald Art Gallery, (Formerly SoFA                              Gallery).
Graphic Design
2009-13         Poster: 4 & 5th Annual Women Exposed Art Exhibition, The Lodge 101, Bloomington.
2010               Poster: BloomingtonKatmandu, TMBCC, Bloomington, IN.
2010               Poster: Museum of Broken Relationships Exhibition, Sofa Gallery, Indiana University, Bloomington.
2008               Poster: 1st Annual Cans International Short Film Festival, Bloomington.
2004-06         Art: Inscribing Tradition on Female Bodies, Bloomington.
2002-07         Poster: German-Turkish Film Festival, Bloomington.

Set Design
1999-01         Musical Art Center, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Film Curator

2004-06         German-Turkish Film Festival, The Cinemat, Bloomington, IN.
​2002-04         Turkish Film Series,International Student Center, Bloomington, IN.

Guest Lecturer and Visiting Artist

2017               Gender in Turkish Melodramas, Georgetown University Kennedy Center Seminars, WDC.

2015               Covering Cannes Film Festival, Uskudar American Academy, Istanbul, Turkey.

2009               Migrant Prostitutes in Berlin, IU Gender Studies Department, Bloomington.
2007               Foundations of Feminist Art, IUPUI Women’s Studies & Art History Departments, Indianapolis.
2006               "Islam in the Wake of 9-11," Harmony School, Bloomington, Indiana.
2006               "Honor Killings and Islam," IUPUI Women’s Studies Department, Indianapolis.
2005               "Gender, Nationalism and Hybridity in Turkish Sci-fi film Gora," pre-screening, The Cinemat,  Bloomington, Indiana.
2005               "Fantastic Turkish Cinema," Harmony School, Bloomington, Indiana.

2009-15        Contributing editor, writer, photographer, graphic designer, The Ryder Magazine and Film Series, Bloomington.  
​2000-05        Writer, International Students Desk, IDS News, Bloomington.

2019              Producer, ArtBeat!, WFHB Community Radio,  Bloomington, IN                   
2011-16        Co-producer, editor, correspondent, Eco-Report, WFHB Community Radio, Bloomington.

Podcasts News:
2009              "Muslim Women in the Media," in Muslim Voices: Voices and Visions of Islam from Global Perspective, Indiana                                      University,  Bloomington, March 24, 2009.
2008              "Orientalism in Film and Television," in Muslim Voices: Voices and Visions of Islam from Global Perspective, Indiana                            University, Bloomington, November 24th.

2021              The Arts: Toward a Feminist FutureHorasis Global Meeting, June 8, 2021. Digital.   
​2015              "Faith, Traditions, Spirituality and Feminism," in Looking Forward, Looking Back, The Feminist Art Conference Artist                            Talk, Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada.

2011-16        The Feminist Art Project, College Art Association Annual Conference, regional coordinator for Indiana and Istanbul,                            Turkey,  various locations in the USA.
2013              Women Voices Now Short Film Festival, Istanbul Chapter, Minevra Place, Istanbul, Turkey.
2006              "Gender and Nationality in Turkish-German Cinema,"  Migrant and Diasporic Cinema In Contemporary Europe                                     International Conference, University Oxford University Lincoln College, United Kingdom.
2006              "Tensions Between Art, Feminist Activists and Islam," Creative Action: Gender and The Arts Conference, Women’s and                          Gender Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

2006              "Turkish-German Cinema: Lola And Bilidikid," American Comparative Literature Association Conference, March,                                  Pennsylvania State University.

2005              "Gender and Turkish Melodramas," International Communication Association Annual Conference in New York, May 26.
2005              "Reverse Glocalization? Marketing a Turkish Cola in the Shadow of a Giant," co-presenter, International                                                Communication Association Annual Conference in New York, May 26-30.
2004              "Letters to Sarah: Analysis of E-Mail Responses to an Online Editorial," co-presenter, Association for Education in                                Journalism and Mass Communication Convention.
2003              "Providing Digital Language Support," co-presenter, in Emerging Technologies in Teaching Languages and Cultures                            Conference, Monterey, CA.
2002              "Playing His/Her Game: Berna the Bad Girl Tarkan the Pop Singer," The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University.

2001             "Gender Roles in Islamic Societies," Middle East History & Theory 16th Annual Conference,  University of Chicago, IL.            

Permanent Installations
​2015               The Kinsey Institute, three pieces, Indiana University, Bloomington.
2005               The Kinsey Institute, two pieces, Indiana University, Bloomington.
2005               Terry M. Dworkin Private Collection, two pieces, Bloomington.
2004               Gender Studies Library, one piece, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Solo Exhibitions
2005               Solo Exhibition, GenderQueer/QueerGender Conference, University of California Santa Barbara, California.          

Group Exhibitions
2021               Fulbright 75th Year Anniversary Alumni Art Show, digital. 

2016-19         Ivy Tech Community College Annual Faculty Art Show, Bloomington.

2018               EveryBody Art Show, Thomas Gallery, Bloomington. 

2015               Our Body Our Blood: Art Project, Halifax, Canada.
​2015               The Feminist Art Conference Exhibit, Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada.
2014               Kinsey Institute Art Exhibits: “Creative Minds” and “Artistic Types: Text in Visual Art," Bloomington.
2014               International Art Exhibition, Chicago Urban Retreat Art Center, Chicago, IL.
2013               The Female Project, The Article Gallery, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
2013               Engendered, The Davis Feminist Film Festival’s Annual Art Show, University California Davis, California.
2011               BloomingtonKatmandu, TMBCC, Bloomington.
2011               Your Art Here, 6th Street Billboard, April-May, Bloomington.
2005-13         Women Exposed Art Exhibition, various locations, Bloomington.
2010               Museum of Broken Relationships Exhibition, Sofa Gallery, Bloomington.
2009               Eros in Asia: Erotic Art from Iran to Japan, The Kinsey Institute, Bloomington.
2008               Continuity and Change: Islamic Tradition in Contemporary Art, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, NY.                 
2007               Expressive Bodies: Contemporary Art Photography from the Kinsey Institute, The SoFA Gallery, Bloomington.  
2006               Creative Action Coalition Conference Art Exhibit, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of North Carolina at                                     Greensboro, NC.
2006               Intersections: Locating Acts of Courage, National WCA and NWSA Art Exhibition, juried by feminist artist Yolanda                                 Lopez, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland, CA.
2005               8th International Open -Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL.
1998               Current Art, Güncel Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.
1995               All Campus Faculty Art Exhibition, one figurative bronze piece, Editions Limited Gallery of Fine Art, Bloomington.
1994               Mathers Museum Special Exhibition, one figurative bronze piece, Alliance of Bloomington Museums competition.         
1992               Art and Artist of Modern Turkey, group show, two pieces, Istanbul, Turkey.
1991               Young Talents Show, selected by jury, one permanent piece, Istanbul.
1990               Open Air Exhibition, three structural metal pieces, Istanbul.
1989               Developments in Turkish Plastic Arts, three metal pieces, Istanbul.

2015-19         Fulbright Specialist Program: Serving as an approved expert for Art, Art History, Curator and a Museum expert.
2007               Fulbright-Hays Groups Project Abroad Grant - Turkish Film Project.
2002-03         Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship for Persian - Inner Asian Studies, Indiana University.
2003-07         Gender Studies Fellowship – Gender Studies Department, Indiana University.
1998-02         Fellowship award - Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University.     
2001               Travel Grant - College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University.
2000               Teaching Aid Grant - Inner Asian Studies, Indiana University.
1993-96         Fellowship award - School of Fine Arts, Indiana University.
1995               Fellowship Award - for I.U. Summer Program in Florence, Italy.
1994               Special Award - The Alliance of Bloomington Museums, Indiana.
1992               Second Place - selected by jury, Young Talents Show, Istanbul.
1991               First Place in BFA Thesis Show - Marmara University, Istanbul.

                       English, Turkish, French, Italian, Persian, Ottoman, German, Italian, Azeri, Bahasa Indonesia 

Radio- TV
2014               Açık Radyo, Erguvani İstimbot: "Filiz Çiçek ile Duvara Karşı'yı Konuştuk"

2011               WFHB, Classical Spot interview for Women Exposed Benefit Art Exhibit                                                                           
2011               WFHB, BloomingOUT, LGBTQI News & Public Affairs interview for Women Exposed Benefit Art Exhibit, Bloomington,                             April 14th and April 21st      
2010               WRTV Indianapolis, “Exhibit Provides Solace To Broken Hearted,” Indiana News Story, Indianapolis,                          
2010               WFIU/NPR, “Museum of Broken Relationships Showcases Souvenirs Of Heartbreak,” by Yael Ksander, June 1,                                         Bloomington.
2010               WFHB, “Art That Mends Hearts -Museum of Broken Relationships,” with Chad Carrothers, Bloomington.
2010               IDS News, “International Touring Exhibit Reveals Broken Hearts,” by Allison Tyra, Bloomington,
2006               CATS TV, an interview about German-Turkish Film Series, Bloomington.
1998               Channel 8 Wish TV, “Earthquake in Turkey Affects Local Students,” an interview on the earthquake that killed over 20                         thousand people, Indianapolis.

Newspapers and Magazines Exposure
2013               Bianet News Center,Resist Eco-Warrior/Diren Eko-Savasci,” by Murat Turker, Istanbul, August 31.
  TraveliN Magazine, for Central Indiana, “International Gallery Exhibit Held Locally” on Bloomington Katmandu Art                                 Exhibit by Lisa Morrison, Indianapolis, Spring 2011.
Herald Times, “Women 'expose' themselves at weekend art show,” by Katherine Coplen, Special to the H-T, April 28.
Herald Times, ““The heart was made to be broken.” — OSCAR WILD -Emotional purging via artistic preservation-                                 Museum of Broken Relationships, a traveling exhibit, visits IU’s SoFA Gallery,” by Ashley Albrecht Special to the H-T,                           Bloomington, May 23.
   Bloom Magazine, “Arts/Entertainment – At SoFA Gallery, Museum of Broken Relationships,” Bloomington, June-July                             Issue.
The Ryder Magazine, “Museum of Broken Relationships,” Cover Story, Bloomington, April- May Issue.
Herald Times, “Art Exhibit Benefits Middle Way House,” by Mercedes Rodriguez on 4th Annual Women Exposed Art                             Exhibit, Bloomington, March 28.
IDS News, “Women 'expose' their art,” by Michelle Manchir, Bloomington, January 25.
The Scene: Herald Times, “Women Exposed Show III-Art Exhibition and Live
                       Music,” Bloomington, January 25.

The Ryder Magazine, “Expressive Bodies, The Kinsey Exhibition,” Bloomington.
Bizim Gazete, “The Unrecognizable Left,” by Ali Er, The piece focuses on the parallels between the democratic party in                         America and leftist parties in Turkey, Istanbul, October 3.
Herald Times, Off The Wall: Stories Behind The Art: Filiz Cicek, by Chris Howell, weekly magazine, The Scene,                                     Bloomington, April 20.
IDS News, “New Film Series Explores Nationality, Race: Cinemat to Show German Turkish Issue Films,” by Michael-Lyn                         McBride, Wednesday, Bloomington, April 5.
Herald Times, “Both Side Ready For Challenges …Filiz Cicek, 9551st (and final) person to register as an absentee                                 voter in Monroe County,” by Katy Murphy, front page, Bloomington, November 2, 2004

2005              Gender Studies Department Newsletter, “Filiz Cicek: Inscribing the Female Body,” by Cindy Stone, Indiana University,                            Bloomington.           
  Women’s Affairs Office Newsletter,  “Filiz Cicek: Exploring New Territory With Art,” by Collen Riley, Indiana University,                          Bloomington.
Woman Made Gallery Spring Newsletter
, “‘Fornication’, a piece by Filiz Cicek from the 8th International Open                                      Exhibition,” by Beate Minkovski, Spring issue, Chicago, IL.